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Electro-polishing According to Koras 

With the compact machines of the German company, ultra-shiny and perfectly finished jewels

The technology of Koras, the German precious metal specialist, is now used worldwide in the field of electro-polishing. The latest generation of compact machines offers an array of features which further improve the performance of the machining process. The product range has now been extended with a substantially larger variant with the name Aquapol® 200. This model is no longer a table-top device. The Aquapol® 200 is designed to process high volumes in a short time. For example, its capacity can handle 192 rings per cycle. The new Aquapol® flagship is also equipped with the much appreciated features of the whole Aquapol® range. The Vario Tank accessory, in particular, saves time and increases process reliability. Using the tank, it is possible to switch electrolytes and materials (e.g. from silver to gold) in just a few seconds. Used with the special electrolyte from Koras all Aquapol® devices ensure excellent polishing results which are gentle, clean and economical. In reference to the jewelry industry, Koras’ products produce ultra-fine surfaces on gold and silver, polishing on cast, 3D-printed and electro-formed parts, polishing on filigree without changing the shape, and cleaning on tarnished areas.

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