Endless potential

Up to 4 techniques together thanks to Buratto Satellitare Turbo by LM Industry

In LM, for more than 50 years, we have been putting at the heart of the engineering our clients’ needs: our plants and machineries are totally flexible and adaptable to any kind of need. It’s with this spirit that comes the Buratto Satellitare Turbo 20x4: a machine focusing on the different production needs of the client. Up to four different processes can be performed simultaneously with utter evenly results due to the tilting movement of the skip, which is able to change the angle of the tanks during machining with absolute precision because of the gear motor that allows it to rotate for 135°. This feature also makes it possible to stop the tanks over against the worker, in order to facilitate loading and unloading operations. The touch screen control panel is fitted with a software developed by us, conceived to be totally user friendly and able to get OTA updates, in order to always be kept up to date with the 4.0 industry headway.

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