Ernst & Friends GmbH

Digital diamond scanners, polishers and laser engraving machines are some of the customized tools made by Ernst & Friends

Ernst & Friends is specialized in high-end tools and equipment for producers, wholesalers and service centers in the jewelry and watch sector. Here some of the highlights: the fully digital SmartPro Aura®, which is the first diamond scanner, that can screen mounted jewelry and loose stones in bulk automatically with various test results; the strong Prac-Tec® Polymaster II Vario, one of the most powerful polishing machines worldwide with variable speed control from 300 to 3.000 RPM and 0.75 HP/0.5 kW engine power; the MAGIC IMP-L100, a laser engraving machine for high-precision markings and cuttings that enables lines with a thickness of only 0,05 mm – also equipped with the user-friendly MagicArt software. The Germany-based team cooperates with more than 300 suppliers and partners who are constantly setting new innovative standards. Their worldwide customers benefit from top brands, a fast delivery and personal service, all based on decades of branch experiences.


Kannengießerstraße 2 - 21493 Elmenhorst/ Lanken - Germany
Tel. +49 (0)4151-879 46 72 - Fax +49 (0)4151-879 46 92 -

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