Ernst & Friends GmbH

Ernst & Friends specializes in high-end tools and equipment for producers, wholesalers and service centers in the jewelry and watch sector. The company’s highlights include the exclusive new Smartpro Air Do S and X, a compact and powerful device for stone setting and engraving that is silent and easy to handle with an integrated 40 bar compressor, also available with a 35.000 rpm micromotor. The company also supplies customizable products to buy and sell, for example, polishing cloths and microfiber gloves bearing the customer´s logo, all made in Germany. The Smartpro Max will also soon be on the market: this unique innovation identifies diamonds, synthetic diamonds, moissanites and simulants including cubic zirconia with just one measuring tip using the first-ever combined thermal & UV technology. Further products and brands in Ernst & Friends’ portfolio are Eschenbach, Zeiss and Schneider loupes, Swisotech tweezers and cutters made in Switzerland, Prac-Tec polishing machines, Dialux polishing paste and much more.

Ernst & Friends GmbH
21493 Elmenhorst - Lanken - Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 4151 8794672 - Fax +49 (0) 4151 8794692 - www.
T.Gold: Hall 9 - Stand 034

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