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With its GCF machine for curb and cable chains, Fasti also enters the fashion system

The Turin-based company's GC range of machinery offers three different variants, all equipped with automatic lubrication, wire tensioning system, wire and chain presence sensors and can be fitted with an Industry 4.0 module: GCF for single curb and cable, GCG3 for single, double and triple curb and single and double cable, and GCDP for double parallel curb chain. The versatility and robustness of the GCF for curb and cable chains, also known as “Giant” due to its ability to cope with very heavy loads, can process items with extremely thick links, such as “Cuban” chains, which can be obtained either from machine-turned curb chain or cable chain that is then twisted after welding. Fashion chains, also made from non-precious and more ductile materials such as brass, bronze and aluminum, still demand high levels of quality and precision. The GCF model is produced using the best steels available and observing the strictest quality controls so as to offer a production guarantee even with less noble materials.

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