Flexibility at the forefront

Cost reduction, maximum performance, compact machinery: the advantages of Indutherm

The German company Indutherm aims at flexibility and reduced costs with its VCC continuous casting machine series, such as the Multitool 5in1 for alloys or semi-finished products in different shapes and sizes that can be produced in the shortest possible time with Indutherm's unique vacuum continuous casting system to avoid oxidation processes and ensure maximum quality of the semi-finished material. The VC vacuum casting machine series with HTC technology, on the other hand, VC 650 V and VC 680 V, sets new standards for high production speed and casting quality: high crucible performance, vibration system in sweep mode, and overpressure of up to 3 bars are the advantages for large productions. Both are available with different casting technologies, from indirect inductive heating in graphite crucibles to direct inductive heating in ceramic crucibles, also in combination with the High Temperature Casting system in which casting temperatures of up to 2,000° C can be achieved for carbon-free steel or platinum casting. Lastly, with the MC mini casting series, designed for complex casting projects and continuous operation, the 3D printing to jewelry casting process only takes one hour.

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