FOVSHOP.IT: From Door-to-Door to Virtual Store

Convenient, practical and fast. That’s what e-commerce is but, in Legor Group’s, it is backed up by skill and expert consultancy from sector experts

The term phygital is a buzzword that now seems to be all-invasive, creating a sort of bridge between the real world and digital. And with FOV, this concept has also landed in the jewelry sector. Clicking on gives access to a virtual store with over 1,200 so-called “consumable” articles (micro-casting, soldering, finishing, bench-working…), indispensable to those dedicated to this art, as is the essential consultancy offered and guaranteed by those who know this profession in all its subtleties and details.  The idea of integrating the opportunity of rapidly supplying a vast range through e-commerce and the quality of a customer care able to respond to every kind of request and need, came from the Legor Group, a Vicenza-based company and leader in the field of alloys and plating that has owned FOV since 2007. Because Forniture Orafe Vicentine, which is what FOV stands for, brings with it the know-how and experience of agents who, since 1960, have been collaborating with the industry’s top companies and who now, thanks to technology and the endless potential of e-commerce, are able to offer their customers the advantage of a faster service that changes form but leaves the substance unaltered. Trust, reliability and empathy towards the customer have always been a priority, indeed, they are enforced by the awareness of being able to give even more and in a more immediate manner. A fundamental characteristic in a world that dances to the beat of bits. Claudio Zen is well aware of this. Enlisted among the FOV agents back in 1984 to manage the Bassano del Grappa branch, then the “capital” of chain production, he is now among those who can testify how and how much the integration between these two parallel worlds can be beneficial to entrepreneurs and artisans who, behind the on-line website address, will always find expert consultants ready to suggest the most suitable article for a determined process. “Jewelry is a delicate field. The companies that operate in the sector are extremely reserved and it is a reality that lives on the secrets of the profession. A sales agent must be able to understand the customer, to put himself in their shoes. Knowing the customer well, what he produces, what he does and presenting the right article at the right moment,” says Zen. That’s how it was until yesterday, when sales were only door-to-door, and that’s how it will be at 

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