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The new technology developed by the Vicenza company is called K-ALS, which allows metals to be refined in a sustainable way

A solution to meet the refining needs of jewelry manufacturers and small refineries that work with high silver content, K-ALS is an advanced high-temperature vacuum distillation technology for gold alloys applied in a compact, cost-effective and sustainable furnace that enables the pre-treatment of a variety of raw materials, reducing the silver content to less than 10%. It has various applications. Casting sprues: waste gold from jewelry casting sprues must be refined and reused. It is usually refined through the Aqua Regia process, with loss of metal, consumption of chemicals and the production of fumes and effluents. This system is not optimal when the silver content exceeds 10%, in which case, batches are subject to various treatments. Powders from scraping operations: powder containing precious metals is obtained through various processes. It can be refined back to pure gold using an efficient combination of vacuum distillation and traditional methods. Inquarto process: with K-ALS, vacuum distillation can be used to replace the inquarto process by inducing the selective evaporation of silver from the raw material without the use of chemicals which generate by-products and effluents that can accumulate in the separation process.

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