Ikoi S.p.A

A global leader in the manufacture of systems, machinery, technologies and engineering services for precious metal metallurgy, casting, pyrometallurgy and the physical separation of pure and alloyed precious metals, with over 40 years’ experience in the sector, IKOI owns numerous patents. Its vision is to create a safe, efficient and green way to process precious metals and its mission is to offer operators innovative and sustainable technology. Following ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance principles has therefore become crucial for corporate sustainability. The company’s key driver is innovation through the activities of its Research and Development department and continuous collaboration with research Institutions and prestigious Universities. The patented technology for the continuous production of gold and silver bars, the Flameless Tunnel® (LBMA Approved), is now considered the industry standard worldwide, and the innovative ALS-Acidless Separation® (patented) is changing the industry standard for pre-refining and refining. The company has also introduced its FCC-Flameless Casting Chamber®, a revolutionary system for producing large gold and silver commodity bars such as 1,000 Oz Ag and 400 Oz Au Good Delivery LBMA, 15 Kg SGE, and other sizes.

Ikoi S.p.A
Via Monte Verena 20
36022 San Zeno di Cassola - Vicenza
Tel. +39 0424 259300 - Fax +39 0424 570591
info@ikoi.it - www.ikoi.it
T.Gold: Hall 9 - Stand 149

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