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Our 100% Italian-made jewelry-making machines stem from fifty years of experience, many ideas and new challenges. We keep up with the continual evolution of the sector and have developed technology designed to reduce processing times, while focusing on high quality. The wedding ring market is in continual evolution. The LAMFEAC3 allows for the production of one ring every ten seconds with the automatic setting. The machine can be started by a PLC connected to the video touchscreen, which allows the user to set up the number of desired pieces in the chosen diameter, dividing them into the different trays, and to have total control of the work cycle through the parametrization of the wheel’s descent, number of revolutions and wait times. The speed is fundamental even with our SCFRI flattening rolling mill for shaped wires that reach 50 m/1’. With the right wheels, we can obtain solid or hollow wavy wires. If you have specific needs, contact us! We will help you give shape to your ideas. Visit our site or follow us on social media. 


Via S. Morse N. 20 52100 Arezzo Italy

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