Indutherm's Multi-Function Systems

With its MTC 100 V devices, the German company has created a unique range of solutions for jewelry casting, material recycling and metal powder production

Casting jewelry and semi-finished products, material recycling, producing and processing metal powders. With the introduction of the new MTC 100 V platinum casting system, the German company has completed its model range and now offers a unique range of solutions for jewelry casting, material recycling and metal powder production. Starting with the compact MC series vacuum casting machines for the rapid casting of single items or smaller trees to those with larger casting trees, followed by the VC series, preferably used for casting gold and silver, and the VTC series tilting die casting machines for high melting point alloys such as steel, platinum or titanium. The continuous casting machines in the CC/VCC series are veritable multitools for producing high-quality wires, sheets and tubes, for granulation, flake production, sintering multi-colored rings or bangles and for bar casting. They are also available with vacuum function and cutting, sawing or coiling devices. And that's not all. Indutherm also offers special granulation machines and sintering units to produce multi-colored rings and bangles, while for ingot casting and metal recycling, the company also offers static melting systems and tilting furnaces with crucible volumes of up to 28 liters.

All Indutherm systems are developed in-house and equipped with induction generators, program control and extensive interfaces according to the Industry 4.0 standard. Among the most reliable and popular devices on the market are the vibration system and ingenious vacuum overpressure controls for optimal mold filling and oxidation prevention. With a view to expanding its offer, for the past fifteen years the German company has also developed solutions for metal powder production and processing, thus making this branch of the jewelry industry accessible to all.

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