Italimpianti Orafi S.p.A.

For over 45 years Italimpianti Orafi has been designing and manufacturing plants for the processing of precious and non-ferrous metals, in particular:

  • Refining plants for  gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and copper, both chemical and electrolytic
  • Traditional melting plants, continuous casting, precision casting, for the production of ingots, grains and atomized metal powders
  • Rotating gas furnaces for treatment of ash from the refining of Gold / Silver and from goldsmithing, treatment of sludge containing precious metals, etc.
  • Laboratories for testing precious metals and ashes
  • Fume and waste water treatment plants
  • Plants for the production of salts such as rhodium sulfate, silver nitrate, gold cyanide, palladium salts, etc.
  • Equipment for goldsmith companies such as annealing belt ovens and welding chains, deoxidation furnaces, static and rotary carousel hollowing plants, continuous wire annealing furnaces, gold plating, silver plating, rhodium plating and alloy hardening furnaces

In addition to this, the company offers complete engineering services for the realization of "turnkey" systems for the treatment of E-Waste and Industrial-Waste, including the know-how of each production process with installation, training and post-service assistance. An interesting example part of this type of plant is T-Line - created in collaboration with Tera Automation -, the first fully automated line in the world for the production of precious metal ingots ready for marketing.
Another sector in which Italimpianti Orafi invests heavily is the research and development of new products and technologies, with particular interest in systems with reduced environmental impact that respect progressively binding regulatory requirements. Two new products that reflect this "green" perspective are the FIM / RO Induction Rotating Melting Furnace and the new system for the treatment of electronic boards from WEEE with recovery and refining of precious metals and rare earths with the aim of obtaining new raw materials.


Italimpianti Orafi S.p.A.
Via Provinciale di Civitella, 8 - 52041 Badia Al Pino (AR) 
Tel. +39 0575 4491 - Fax +39 0575 449300 - 
T.Gold 2020: Hall 9 - Stand 168

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