Jewellery Technology Forum 2017: All Around Gold Science

Science applied to goldsmithing. JTF is the only event on this scale in Europe and Andrea Friso, Division Sales Manager at Legor S.P.A., explains which ingredients make it long-running and appealing, year after year

What does the 2017 edition of JTF have in store for visitors?

What does the 2017 edition of JTF have in store for visitors?

The focus of the 2017 edition of JTF is ‘All around gold science’: thanks to the participation of university professors and researchers, particularly during the afternoon, this year’s edition will certainly be of interest to those interested in issues concerning science applied to jewellery. In addition, more than one presentation will explore topics including the use of ceramic materials designed for goldsmithing processes.

JTF is now in its thirteenth year. What is the secret of this annual event’s on-going success?

JTF’s longevity is simply due to the fact that we believe in this event, and we think it is in everyone’s interests to know what’s going on in the world of technology, legislation and trends within jewellery. JTF arose from the idea of allowing operators and specialists from the sector to exchange ideas as well as acquire technological knowledge free from commercial constraints. We are confident this approach works and has come into its own based on how many people come back year after year offering their time and friendship. Then, the fact that this event is the only one of its kind in Europe inspires us to do our very best every year for the participants, even when this implies working overtime after the normal working hours. This applies to us but particularly to the speakers at the convention who take time out from their normal daily business to compile accounts and presentations and share them at the event. We would like to thank them most sincerely, given that without them JTF would not take place.

  • Andrea Friso

    Andrea Friso

Every year JTF identifies important topical issues for the sector. What is your criteria when choosing speakers?

As well as the very strict rule whereby speakers’ material must not include any references of a promotional or commercial nature, every year we try to provide a day of accounts which explore different or complementary subjects, or make room for new speakers so as to expand the number of specialists involved in the event as much as possible. Every speaker who takes to the stage makes a valuable, irreplaceable contribution to the convention; for us it’s also very important for speakers to get to know each other and form a team. So each year, on the Saturday before the event, we invite them to take part in organised activities in the city of Vicenza or other cities within the region of Veneto, we organise social events and offer them our hospitality for the entire period of the event.

How much does technology count within the jewellery sector?

Technology is fundamental within the jewellery sector, just like in any other production sector; it allows entrepreneurs to be competitive, up-to-date and aggressive in an increasingly demanding market. In particular, Italian technology for jewellery production is envied (and copied) all over the world: not only in terms of the relative appeal of an Italian name, but for its pragmatism, functionality and post-sales customer service. This excellence, when combined with goldsmithing creativity and craftsmanship (in terms of the ability to treat every piece as though it were a one-of-a-kind item), means that Italy has a strong voice on the market. The windows onto the world of technology we offer visitors during JTF help people keep up with the times and perhaps help them come up with new ideas about how to innovate their own production processes.

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