Koras® PMR GmbH

The recycling of precious metals and electropolishing are the core activities of this experienced company. This team of international experts is led by mastermind Thorsten Koras, a specialist with decades of experience when it comes to systems used to treat and process precious metals. Koras® offers a wide range of products which includes, for example, a practical table system for soft electropolishing, proven system combinations for the fully automatic recycling of gold and the complete project design and construction of fully-equipped systems for treating electrical and electronic scrap. Koras PMR offers all these services to its international customers who can count on a seamless and highly reliable network for service and support thanks to years of constant co-operation between the company’s headquarters in Germany and its partners all over the world. Koras’ trademark is speed and reliability as well as an ability to adapt to any special needs that the customer may have, regardless of whether the order is for standard products, such as the electropolishing devices from the Koras Aqua-Pol series or the Puras-Gold recycling systems, or whether a made-to-measure system is required for a specific purpose. Koras’ philosophy is to communicate with customers which means having a competent consultancy service and the highest quality technical skills.


Koras® PMR GmbH
Hauptstrasse, 66 - 75331 Engelsbrand - Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 7082 7928300
Fax. +49 (0) 7082 7928328
info@koras-pmr.de - www.koras-pmr.de

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