Lasers with Cruise Control

The new SL GO, SL PLUS laser welding systems by Sisma and the Figaro universal F2/UL chain making machine

Sisma’s SL GO and SL PLUS are newly-conceived pulsed laser generators for chain welding processes. These systems ensure perfect optical stability, huge welding reliability and repeatability even with high production volumes. The extremely high quality of the laser beam is designed to perform uniform and high-precision welding. The PLUS model, unlike the GO model, integrates the innovative Cruise Control (patented) that electronically measures the effective power in fiber, keeping it constant over time. The system offsets those slight differences in firing power whether linked to frequency variations, usage or operative thermal conditions. The new Figaro machine for F2/UL gourmette and forzatina chain (L in the laser version), with a wire range up to 0.80 mm, further enriches Sisma’s chain making machinery offer. The touchscreen panel, with gourmette and forzatina settings, is now at the center of the machine controls.

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