LM Industry S.r.l.

At the 2019 edition of T.Gold, LM Industry will be presenting a new series of automatic turbo modulars, available in 60 or 105 lt. This new model has been added to an already well-established range of standard products. It was developed precisely for companies with high standards of production and ergonomics that need better precision and speed in their manufacture. In addition, thanks to technology 4.0, this Turbo machine can communicate with the management system, as it is possible for formulas to be uploaded and batches to be traced via barcodes. The cycle is totally automated and includes the following phases: loading of materials and pieces, tumbling, rinsing and draining, allowing for complete control of each phase of the cycle and the assurance that each batch will be up to the required standards. With this machine, LM Industry demonstrates that it is constantly aiming to perfect its products, based on ever more careful and individual research with the aim of satisfying each and every customer request and requirement.


LM Industry S.r.l.
Via Strada del Confine, 35/A - 36056 Belvedere di Tezze sul Brenta (VI) - Italy 
Tel. +39 0424 84617 - Fax +39 0424 84925
info@lm-industry.com - www.lm-industry.com 
T.Gold 2019: Hall 9 - Stand 171

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