Making Jewels with Ease!

EasyJewel is just one of the products that Coherent is bringing to T.Gold

At T.Gold, Coherent is presenting a series of systems that offer advanced functions and excellent ease of use, allowing jewelers and goldsmiths to obtain better, faster results and reducing their costs. It has a wide range of desktop and manual welders for completely automated production systems. One of the latest innovations is the EasyJewel engraving system, which is compact. It also engraves in 3D on metal, alloys, polymers, and ceramics, offering very high quality. Its SmartView feature has an integrated camera that allows the operator to see precisely where the mark will be placed, guaranteeing the best results. On-The-Fly-Marking allows for seamless engravings inside or outside of rings and large engravings with homogenous surfaces.

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