Masterix S.r.l.

Masterix, a completely Italian company present in the global market, was founded in Tuscany in Arezzo. A true example of the success and quality that distinguishes made in Italy, has always been focused on new technologies in order to create high quality Wax Injectors, able to optimize and speed up company production cycles. To obtain products that can make a difference in a global market, it’s necessary to combine the experience of those who know production cycles and are able to place themselves in the customer perspective, with the professionalism of engineers and designers. A team formed by a young staff and dynamic and enterprising collaborators, with an eye on the customer and on the operator that works at the injector, able to assist everytime worldwide, making sure to establish a trusting relationship and close cooperation. Its injectors, MI-03 SMART with fully automatic system, perfect combination of high quality performance and maximum efficiency and productivity, MJ-01 and MJ-02 SMART, where for the first time an automatic system is applied to the standard injectors, from this year, to complete and optimize the production process, will be joined by our new line of waxes, the result of in-depth studies on raw materials and produced with latest generation machinery, designed according to our specifications. This innovative combination allows our customers to achieve even better results by consolidating a trend that positions us more and more amongst the highest range of excellence on the market. Not only the big Italian luxury brands, but also those worldwide have already been able to appreciate our work. It’s in this global market that the MASTERINJECT and MASTERWAX series stand out for being totally Made in Italy products, which has always been a guarantee of quality and reliability.


Via Luigi Galvani, 59/61- 52100 (AR) - Italy
Tel. +39 0575 368335 -

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