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Only quick precision cuts with the Elettrolaser LCC-150

In the jewelry, laser engraving systems have become indispensable tools for creating collections that require ever more detailed manufacturing. Elettro- laser, which for years has been offering integrated cutting and engraving solutions, has decided to invest in research and development with the aim of putting a machine dedicated to cutting on the market: the LCC-150 is designed to cut, without the need to mount a galvanometric head, guiding the object to be cut with multi-axis mechanical movements. This configuration allows for precision cuts in a single pass with thicknesses ranging from a few tenths of a millimeter to a few millimeters, depending on the type of metal. The speed goes up to 15 mm/sec and is combined with acceleration up to 1g, making LCC a fast machine capable of making multiple cuts for significant production numbers. It is supported by a suctioning system that recovers the precious metal left over from the cutting process, and, thanks to built-in software, cuts quickly, easier and with great versatility.

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