Neutec®/Rio Grande

Did you know that Neutec® and Rio Grande grow from the same strong principles? In 1944, when Rio Grande became a partner to its customers, jewelry makers worldwide began enjoying more creative freedom, higher-quality production, and greater business success.
In 1991, Rio Grande’s Eddie Bell saw the need for dependable, user-friendly casting equipment. He launched Neutec/USA®, which embodied Rio’s well-established, world-renowned philosophy of unparalleled customer service backed by experts who provide a 24-hour response time to any question or challenge you may have. Neutec began engineering and building innovative casting machines that help jewelry makers meet their production goals reliably and repeatedly. 
In 2004, Neutec® identified a need to take advantage of laser technology for jewelry applications and launched the Pulse Point™ laser welders. These innovative laser welders are designed to deliver a higher-duty cycle output (average power) from fewer joules and to eliminate much of the energy dissipation that can occur before it ever gets to the workpiece. Quality equipment. Unparalleled service. Build on your success with Neutec/Rio Grande!


Neutec®/Rio GrandeTM
7500 Bluewater NW
Albuquerque, NM  87121 
USA/Stati Uniti
Ph. +1 505-839-3010 (outside USA) 
Ph. +1 800-870-0111 (USA only) 
Fax +1 505-839-3515

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