New Alloys, New Microcasting Techniques

Alloys in steel, palladium, titanium and zircon: this is the Topcast world

While precious materials like gold and silver, together with copper-based alloys, such as bronze and brass, have been the most commonly used up to now in the fashion and jewelry world, the new trend sees a growing interest in the use of steel, palladium, platinum, zircon and titanium, Consequently, there is greater need for companies to rely on a partner able to achieve micro-casting that solidly unites quality and the ability to produce versatile and complex items. In its constant commitment to finding innovative technological solutions, Topcast has developed centrifugal vacuum induction casting machines (TCE in class A and in class B), optimized to offer versatile alloys in steel, palladium, titanium and zircon. These machines are equipped with a PC-based control system with a Data Logger that can sample the process variables both in numerical and graphic form, thus offering an off-line reporting program able to carry out specific analyses for the purposes of traceability and quality control. The TCEs in class A have been created for use in mass-production systems whereas, up until the recent past, this type of technology was restricted to the workshop.

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