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New Alternative Solutions to Rhodium-plating Processes

Italfimet RHPT makes it possible to obtain color coordinates similar to rhodium with an economic advantage

Italfimet, a company that specializes in galvanic finishes for high fashion, costume and fine jewelry and electroforming, has studied alternative solutions to rhodium plating processes. To be precise, Italfimet RHPT offers cost-effective benefits compared to pure rhodium without modifying the final color: the electrolyte can deposit an alloy with 50% rhodium and 50% platinum, resulting in a shiny coating with colorimetric coordinates similar to rhodium L= > 89 a= 1 b=<4. Italfimet Platina 7845 is also economically advantageous compared to pure rhodium, both in terms of the initial investment and in production. The electrolyte can deposit an alloy of 80- 90% platinum completed with rhodium, producing a shiny effect with colorimetric coordinates similar to rhodium L= > 87 a= 1 b=<5. Italfimet Platinum 7800 on the other hand, was designed as an alternative to palladium coatings, given the high cost of procuring this metal, while providing comparable performance. It can be used for many applications both as an intermediate barrier layer in nickel-free processes and as a final decorative coating. The electrolyte enables a layer of pure platinum to be deposited with excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance comparable to palladium baths on the market. The deposit is on a par with palladium coatings currently in use with colorimetric coordinates L= > 85 a= 0.5-1 b=<5.

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