New Italian Casting

The innovative investment casting machine from Cimo and Opticom is called NIC

The new machine of Cimo and Opticom is based on the concept of eliminating the traditional tree that has always been the system for creating jewelry casting process. This worldwide patented system generates a series of advantages from the point of view of saving precious material and special high-cost alloys ex. nickel free. It is also known that the use of prototyping resins generates many problems with the quality of the micro-melted product, the system adopted in the NIC casting machine allows perfect evacuation of the material without leaving residues or damage to the investment. The NIC system also allows a much softer injection of molten metal, avoiding problems related to turbulence and shrinkage that are generated inside the traditional tree. The NIC is a machine that can be certified 4.0 thanks to the plc that allows remote management of all the parameters to be entered.

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