Novagum’s Technological Upgrade

Novagum revolutionizes the world of rotary furnaces

In recent years, the industrial furnace industry has seen a momentous transformation and Novagum, with its revolutionary rotary furnaces, emerges as a beacon of technological innovation with an environmental and sustainable approach. One of the distinguishing features of Novagum's rotary furnaces is the ability to remember the positioning of the numbered cylinders on the rotating surface, a feature that optimizes the production process and guarantees maximum precision in positioning the cylinders, hence reducing waste and increasing the quality of the finished product. The exceptional triple-barrier thermal insulation is another milestone in the innovation of Novagum furnaces, which translates into lower environmental impact and considerable cost savings. A further step towards energy efficiency is the option of a fume afterburner, which further improves emission control and optimizes the efficiency of the combustion process, reducing negative impacts on the environment. Lastly, the integration of the new software into the Mitsubishi PLC offers precise and detailed management of all furnace operating parameters, ensuring efficient and accurate production. The intuitive user interface of the latest generation touch screen further simplifies process management and monitoring.

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