Omec S.n.c.

After more than 50 years of activity, Omec is synonymous with quality equipment for goldsmith workshops

Omec was founded in 1961 on the entrepreneurial initiative of its current owner, Renato Carnevale. The company’s first steps were taken in the electro-mechanical field and this activity led the company to gain experience in constructing equipment for the goldsmith’s workshop. After over 50 years of business, Omec, thanks to the constant development of innovative solutions and designs, is one of the sector’s leading enterprises. Over 80% of the machinery produced by Omec is exported through a distribution network that includes the most qualified wholesalers and retailers which have always placed their trust in Omec’s designs and equipment. Buying an Omec product not only means choosing a piece of equipment, but also a philosophy on how to work. The same philosophy that animates the company: always propose new ideas with the self same high quality.


Omec S.n.c. di Renato Carnevale
Via dell’Artigianato, 3/5/7 - 20835 Muggiò (MB) - Italy
Tel. +39 039793740 - Fax +39 0392780689 -

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