Orotig S.p.A.

A global market leader in the design and manufacture of laser solutions for welding and marking precious and non-precious metals, Orotig was founded in the early 1990s to develop technologies for micro-casting and welding titanium. Through constant research and development - and the creation of an in-house R&D team, which designs and prototypes all the critical components, guaranteeing maximum control over the product at every stage – the company has extended these technologies to the jewelry sector, for which it produced the first compact laser welding machine in 2005, revolutionizing the market. The large number of products offered includes a range of laser welding machines with models of different sizes and power up to 200J. The latest addition, the Revo X series, combines precision welding with digital transition: TÜV-certified, the machines comply with Industry 4.0 requirements and are equipped with Ethernet and WiFi connectivity and software able to record images and videos. There are also "Full Fiber" marking lasers: compact, efficient and virtually maintenance-free, these machines are ideal for extremely precise and complex work. Among these, the new Pico Laser engraves designs of less than 0.03 mm and can mark precious metals without having to rework them, thus making it possible to engrave already finished/rhodium-plated/polished pieces without sanding. Last but not least, casting machines, the company's historic product: the platinum model will be presented at this edition of Vicenzaoro and combines tried and tested technology with a new interactive interface. The company, which is active on the Italian and international markets, uses a network of selected and specialized distributors to assist the customer through every stage with a fast and professional service and a widespread network of dealers.


Orotig S.p.A.
Via XXV Aprile, 47 - 37014 Castelnuovo Del Garda (VR) - Italy
Tel. +39 045 6400865
sales@orotig.com - www.orotig.com

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