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Platifusion®: the Secret of the Galvanic Anode

The new galvanic baths by Berkem

Platifusion is the advanced fusion/diffusion treatment, trade secret and registered trademark, Platifusion®, based on pure platinum that Berkem offers for treating titanium mesh anodes used in professional electroplating. On the strength of its experience in galvanic processes, Berkem has developed its own line of platinum- plated titanium anodes suitable for any type of precious metal galvanic bath. This invention gives the anodes unique and objectively detectable characteristics: uniform platinum thicknesses (up to 5 microns) which increase the life of the anode; compact and well adhered platinum deposits which improve the quality of the metal deposit during the process phase; lower porosity of the mesh which makes it possible to use the same anode in different galvanic baths without causing pollution; less roughness of the mesh which makes the anode easier to wash after use. Platifusion for standard anodes is available for immediate delivery, for anodes of fully customizable shape, thickness and size, and for the speedy regeneration of spent anodes. Thanks to this technology, improving the galvanic process is now easily achievable and cost-effective.

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