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Platinor®: Berkem’s Winning Formula

Platinum plating instead of rhodium and palladium. To enhance the preciousness of jewelry and gain shine and resistance.

This, in a nutshell, is Platinor®, Berkem’s new plating solution that, due to its elevated compatibility with rhodium, acts as a perfect alternative in pre-rhodium treatments which it can totally replace in decorative applications, thus adding value in virtue of its recognized prestige. Platinor® is, in fact, an acidic plating solution with which to obtain pure platinum or platinum-ruthenium deposits resistant to both wear and corrosion, thicknesses of up to 20 microns, outstanding shine and an everlasting whiteness with color coordinates (L* 88.0, a* 0.6, b* 3.5) similar to those of rhodium. A series of much appreciated added values, firstly among the public, which, due to its rareness in nature, has always considered platinum as a precious metal, and secondly, among those who create jewelry, especially in view of its “X Factors”, such as its ability to “embrace” diamonds and stones more firmly than any other metal, and its natural whiteness, optimal for enhancing the sparkle of the gems.

About Berkem 


Berkem Srl is the only Italian chemical company specialized in professional electroplating that designs, develops and sells a vast range of processes and innovative machinery all over the world for jewelry manufacturing, fashion accessories, the medical industry and applied engineering. The wide choice of ready-to-use and make up solutions means that every requirement for surfaces from any type of client can be satisfied: from the small goldsmith workshop to electroplating contractor.

Product customization  has led to creating high level lines for luxury jewelry brands that seek exclusive  color effects and surfaces. The company has two specialized and technically advanced analytical laboratories for research and development, quality control and technical customer assistance. In 2019 Berkem became a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, thus confirming its commitment to integrating and divulging ethical concerns relating to human, social and environmental rights in daily activities, in corporate planning and decisional procedures.


 Berkem S.r.l.
Via della Provvidenza, 63 - 35030 Rubano (PD) - Italy
Tel. +39 049 8978072
info@berkem.it - www.berkem.it - www.shop.berkem.it

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