Precious recovery

La Fonte and its range of products for metal collection

Internationally recognized for its products for the handling, filtration and purification of liquids, including corrosive types, and particularly in the galvanic sector, La Fonte also designs and manufactures systems for the recovery of precious metals. There are three main product ranges for recovering precious metals, all designed and manufactured in the company's approximately 4,000 m2 facility in Vedano Olona, Varese province, and then shipped to over 50 countries worldwide: the UNDERSINK, MFR and REM series. The first series of Undersink machines, which can be used under sinks to recover small quantities of raw materials during processing, was followed by the MFR line for recovering small particles of precious metals. The REM series' systems for recovering precious metals from electrolytically exhausted solutions are recommended in various production sectors. In addition to jewelry, there is also the varied sector of galvanic treatments, all precious metal bath washes (e.g., in gold-plating, de-nickel and de-copper processes, to name but a few), printed circuit boards and surface treatments.

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