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PTLUX: Legor Group’s Alternative to Rhodium

The new, whiter but less costly, platinum-based plating system is here

May 2017, 30 € per gram. May 2018, 58 €. May 2019 87 €, May 2020, 215 €. May 2021, 750 €. The steep rise in the price of rhodium seems to be unstoppable. In fact, although rhodium is the real driver of the automotive industry and the only genuinely essential and irreplaceable metal for all types of catalyzers, this is not the case in the development of electric cars. Consequently, the near future could see a decrease in its value or at least a sudden deceleration. But at the moment, it is still the most coveted and highly demanded metal on the market. And its prices are the proof. The jewelry sector is also suffering from these significant fluctuations and is, therefore, now facing a dilemma: either exponentially increase its prices or find alternative solutions. Legor Group, a leading company in the field of plating alloys, has decided to place its bets on the results of its Research and Development laboratory and is now proposing PTLUX: a new plating system that electro-deposits platinum, guaranteeing a precious, whiter than pure platinum finishing at a lower cost than rhodium and, therefore, less susceptible to international fluctuations. The perfect solution for making aesthetically high-value jewelry at a contained price.    

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