Revolutionary Ideas for 3D Printing

Printers and specific equipment for the luxury world. This is how the Thiene company, DWS, dominates the 3D printing industry. An all Italian success story

Revolutionary Ideas for 3D Printing

In the ever-changing landscape of additive manufacturing, Italy boasts a record of innovation. Credit to companies such as Vicenza company DWS which with its stereo-lithography DWS®J systems, specifically designed for goldsmith applications, ensures reliability and the best quality allowing operators to obtain excellent results. The range of printers ensures a high degree of accuracy and resolution, in addition to allowing the execution of geometries unobtainable through other methods. The expertise of DWS covers not only a printer range, from the XFab to 030, but also a wide range of specially designed consumables. Starting from consumables for direct casting: the DC casting resin series has been developed specifically for direct lost wax casting of jewellery models; designed to allow the production of quality high-definition, detailed parts and smooth surfaces that do not require further manual finishing. There are also consumables for rubber moulds: the DM / DL moulding resin series was developed for the creation of rubber moulds, including VLT, liquid silicone and rubber vulcanized at high temperature. It is suitable for both thin and thick sections. And last but not least, the ground breaking innovation by DWS, the IRIX® consumable, thanks to which companies and designers will be able to expand their creativity without limits on form and with many possibilities for colour. Thanks to nanotechnology and the additive production process patented by DWS, jewellery can be create with the innovative IRIX® Digital Stone® material. The object is created directly from the three-dimensional digital model without the use of customary moulds or tools for the processing of ceramic materials and natural stones, improving the mix of precious materials and rendering the pieces truly unique. With IRIX® Digital Stone® it is also possible to produce just-in-time orders, allowing he expansion of the product range without investments in further production equipment

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