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RUTENOR® and PLATINOR®: Berkem’s Black&White Effect

The new solutions proposed by the Veneto-based company, leader in plating processes, offer perfect alternatives to rhodium

Called Rutenor 305 and Platinor 102 and 104, these new process solutions allow alternative precious metals to be perfectly deposited in technically and aesthetically the same manner as rhodium. They were developed in Berkem’s laboratories in Rubano, in the province of Padua, playing, in the first case with dark colors, and in the second case with the pure brightness of white. Contemporary shades able to enhance the shine of gems and highlight the boldest design thanks to the optimal decorative result on any metal base and extreme corrosion resistance. Characteristics that, together with the deposit’s shades of charcoal grey (color coordinates L* 60,0; a* 0,4; b* 0,8), make Rutenor 305 a perfect alternative to black rhodium plating bath (color coordinates L*65,0; a* 0,5; b* 0,9). 

Platinor 102 and 104, on the other hand, is an acid plating solution that guarantees pure platinum deposits with resistance to both wear and corrosion, thicknesses of up to 20 microns, outstanding shine and a shade of white that never changes over time (color coordinates L* 88.0; a* 0.6; b* 3.5). A series of extra values that are highly popular, first and foremost with the public, which has always perceived platinum as a precious metal due to its rareness in nature, and then to those who create jewelry. Merit also goes to “X Factors”, such as the capacity to “embrace” diamonds and stones more solidly than any other metal, and its natural whiteness which enhances the light to a maximum.

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