"Sherlock Holmes" Arrives in Help at the Market

Sherlock Holmes is the name of this device able to distinguish natural stones from those made in a laboratory. This technology comes from Vicenza and is the work of the World Diamond Group

The name speaks for itself and doesn’t leave any doubt about its purpose: the Sherlock Holmes Diamond Detector. This is a groundbreaking innovation for the jewelry world, especially in these times of lab diamonds where even stones created in a laboratory in a matter of weeks are able to “dazzle” the expert eyes of gemologists.  Thus this smart machine has hit the market to “shed light” on the issue, casting away any doubts about what one has purchased, whether it is to be mounted or resold. The machine was designed and perfected by a company that has been working in the diamond industry for 30 years: WDG, World
Diamond Group, a Vicenza-based business that is a leader in selling diamonds and making jewels that feature the stone par excellence. It is small and easy to use, and, most importantly, accessible to all—Sherlock detects all types of diamonds made in a laboratory, mounted or not, and in the white color range (D-K). It also detects natural stones that have undergone the HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) treatment to improve color. The way it works is by looking at the colors that appear on the gems tested. If it is all blue with no red at all, it is a natural diamond. If red or other colors (purple, orange, yellow or green) appear, then it is a CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) or modified (HPHT) stone.

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