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Smart Spot and LM-D Vision, the last two revolutions for the laser welding

Work in a smart and faster way, without noise and a comfortable feeling is the dream of every worker. And It looks possible with the new high tech system designed by Sisma. We are speaking about Laser Welding system LM-D and its Smart Spot technology: the last one, the Smart Spot, allows to simplify and speed up even the most complex working cycles, thanks to a great depth of field and to the laser shot already stable, starting from the first pulses, that result in a higher lever of quality. The high efficiency dedicated filter ensures the complete recovery of precious material. And the new ergonomic design and low operating noise assure total relaxing to the operator. To this is added Sisma LM-D Vision, with the Syncro View patented system, that guarantees a smooth and stress-free process vision even during the welding phase. But that's not all. Further highlights of the new LM-D range are Eco mode, to switche off unused system components during idle times; Usb and Ethernet connectivity, to download/upload of the welding programs, software and firmware updates, and last for a remote control; full digital electronic control for accurate diagnostics, higher higher pulse stability and longer lamp life, and last a barcode reader, for a quick upload of the welding programs.

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