Specialist in nickel-free

Italfimet, a partner to big luxury brands, satisfies the needs of fashion

Italfimet, with head offices in Monte San Savino, in Tuscany, has been working alongside luxury brands and producers of metal accessories for twenty-five years with a complete organizational and optimiza- tion process for plated finishings. The company employs about thirty specialized operators divided into three macro sectors of chemical processes for plating (decorative and technical jewelry coatings). The areas that the company deals in include luxury footwear and leather goods, clothing, fashion and fine jewelry as well as treatments for taps and technical materials. Italfimet is a productive company that offers technical and specialist services with in-house workshops and supplies in outsourcing. It is able to cover a wide range of activities in fields that are not typically linked to plating. The company meticulously serves the customer by adhering to precise requirements for new finishings and chemical safety standards as well as respecting the regulations and environmental directives in order to safeguard the clients and certify the quality of its own services. Italfimet is innovative, keeps up with the times and creates products in line with the current green-friendly trend. Moreover, in view of the nickel free question that has arisen in the fashion market in recent years, the company is also specialized in this type of finishing and has recently launched bronzes onto the market called “BrinoxTM” with significant corrosion-proof properties.


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