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Sunstone Engineering’s Best Seller

New software and digital touchscreen interface for Orion mPulse, the American company's top-of-the-range pulsed arc welder

When just a touch is all it needs! It took years of research, but in Payson, Utah, the Sunstone Engineering laboratories have pursued an important goal that they can now announce to the jewelry world: the software update for the Orion mPulse jewelry welding machine. Part of the Orion line, the new model has quickly become the best seller of the American company specializing in pulsed arc welding machines. That top-of-the-range which guarantees the precision that every operator in the sector is looking for. Among the improvements made is a digital touchscreen interface with an energy regulator that the operator uses to select the desired amount of power required for a particular weld. Using a finger, the operator touches the wheel, moves clockwise to increase the weld energy, or in the opposite direction to decrease the energy level. Two tandem buttons on the right allow the operator to increase or decrease energy levels one joule at a time. Using an additional on/off button on the far right the operator can put the welder in an on or off state for safety reasons.

“The new interface makes operation of the Orion mPulse simpler than ever,” said Jonathan Young, CEO di Sunstone Engineering LLC. “The clean, fresh orange background is inviting and the power wheel makes energy selection easy to understand and adjust. The round energy wheel is a consistent element our customers will find in our other Orion pulse arc welders, providing a level of similarity and comfort when a customer moves from one model to the other”

The Orion mPulse is Sunstone’s best-selling model due to its optimal quality/price ratio and a power range of 3 to 30 joules, which is more than sufficient for welding a fine chain. 

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