T.Gold: Sustainable Innovation

161 exhibitors from 17 countries with a 65% Italian share of the Show’s total offer. Important numbers which Marco Carniello, Jewellery & Fashion Division Director at Italian Exhibition Group, explains in this interview

  • marco carniello

    marco carniello

The top international Show specifically for machinery. Over 160 exhibiting companies, an increase compared to the 2018 edition. Can you give us a picture of this market’s trend and the new entries at the Show? T.Gold is, in fact, the showcase on technological innovation in the gold and jewelry world and a global reference for the sector, with operators attending from over 70 di erent countries. T.Gold represents such a varied and dynamic sector that it is almost impossible to filter out a summary of the Show’s new entries. Each individual exhibitor will be a “bearer of innovation” and will contribute to making the visit of every international insider well worth the e ort. The satisfaction ratings for this Show are extremely high, confirming IEG’s organi- zational quality and the excellent market demand for these technologies. 

How is the Show organized and which countries are the most represent- ed? What are the percentages? There will be over 161 exhibitors representing 17 di erent countries. Italy represents 65% of the total offer and Germany is the second most represented country with almost 13% of total exhibitors. About 5% are from the United States followed by the other countries that are more involved in this sector: Turkey, Switzerland, France, Spain, United Kingdom with more than 2 or 3 exhibitors each. 

Once again this year, the Jewellery Technology Forum (JTF) is an essential event for sector insiders, with many names among the technicians and analysts taking part. What are the sector “trends”, the most debated themes and those which evoke the greatest interest among exhibitors? The 15th edition of JTF 2019, as every year, is further developed in terms of format and more advanced in technical content. It is divided into 3 sections: Learn, Foresee and Explore. In particular, the “JTF Foresee” section will involve two highly renowned experts from our world, Stefania Trenti and Paola De Luca, who, each for their own area of expertise, will be sharing their view of the sector’s future amid financial and style trends. 

In which way does T.GOLD stand by and support companies during the year? T.Gold collaborates with the main category associations and the most important players in the sector. There is a continual exchange with AFEMO and its associates from whom we are constantly informed about market dynamics and input. This ongoing comparison with the market allows us to better align the Show’s goods offer and to attract the most potential technology buyers in the world. 

Besides the January edition, the Show also “flies” elsewhere. Can you quickly outline the di erences/similarities between the Italian and the international editions? In terms of gold and jewelry technologies, IEG proposes a calendar based on Italian companies that want to maximize their presence abroad. T.Gold is absolutely IEG’s top trade show product for the sector but IEG also o ers companies many other opportunities for export. Oroarezzo/Tech in Arezzo is particularly oriented towards promoting Italian foreign sales while initiatives on the main markets of reference will be in Dubai, Mumbai and HK, where Italy will be represented at the most important trade shows for those areas. 

Sustainability as the main topic at VICENZAORO. How is this theme being faced in the machinery world? Will you manage to create a “bridge”, a connection, between the topics discussed at VICENZAORO and those under debate at T.GOLD? Of course. The recurring theme of Sustainability also involves the machinery aspect with some excellent synergies, starting from the JTF content, which will certainly be taking a closer look at the subject. Sustainability concerns the entire production chain and VICENZAORO, with T.Gold, represents it completely. What better platform for supporting the sector and evolving in the right direction...

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