Target safe gemstone testing

With Ernst & Friends’ innovative high-end gemmological testing tools

Any professional who is not certain whether a diamond is natural or synthetic runs the risk of suffering financial losses and putting their reputation on the line. Under the brand SmartPro, the German company offers high-end gemological testing tools able to distinguish between natural and synthetic diamonds and including automatic certifications. SmartProcurrently boasts two top sellers: the SmartPro Optimum is a unique handheld CVD/HPHT diamond multi-tester designed to identify natural diamond, CVD/HPHT and all types of moissanite using UV LED technology; the fully digital SmartPro Aura is the first diamond scanner, that can automatically screen mounted jewelry and loose stones in bulk with various test results. Other high-quality products, like Swisotech tweezers and cutters made in Switzerland or Eschenbach and Zeiss and Schneider diamond loupes, round off Ernst & Friends’ gemological range.

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