Taumac’s Intelligent Laser

New software automates engraving and marking

Taumac has focused its energies on perfecting the technology integrated in its laser marking, engraving, cutting and welding machines on a daily basis. This evolution is evident in the development of advanced machinery such as the W15 R6 PICO marking station, a state-of-theart machine with its own intelligence. Its carefully developed and fine-tuned software enables laser marking and engraving in automated referenced positions. When the machine is called upon to automatically center one or more shapes using pattern matching, the recognition system creates a shape algorithm, enabling automatic marking without the need to align objects on the work surface. The camera's large viewing area of 70x50 mm, together with a 10 Megapixel camera, offers extremely high precision marking and quantity processing without the use of fixtures or templates. The installation of the Reverse Engineering license, which generates a DXF file from the results of the camera’s acquisition, is a further step forward. This, together with positioning the element on a backlit surface, opens the way for creating and recognizing curved lines for marking flat and convex objects

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