Taumac’s New Laser

Called TauMark NIB, it is ideal for precision marking and engraving on any type of precious or non-precious metal

The real “secret ingredients” used in the latest device developed by Taumac after years of research and development to guarantee well-defined details and quality with every laser marking and engraving are known as ultra-short pulses. TauMark NIB, as the device is called, works like a pen thus making it possible to write on any type of precious or non-precious metal with extreme ease and precision. TauMark NIB releases pulses with a frequency similar to that of a picosecond laser, thus offering the possibility of working without the so-called “burr”, even on deep engravings, and impalpable marks that are light to the touch. Innovation in the laser field has always been one of Taumac’s prerogatives and with TauMark NIB, the company has achieved the goal of an extremely high-performance machine while maintaining an absolutely competitive price-quality ratio.


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