Taumac S.r.l.

Just recently established, Taumac is an Italian company based in the province of Vicenza and it specializes in automation and laser applications. Taumac’s mission is to be a valid point of reference for applied technology of automation and laser marking systems – 3D-marking, welding and cutting – with standard and tailor-made solutions. Thanks to thirty years of experience in the industrial and jewelry market, Taumac better understands the specific needs of these industries, offering the most dedicated solutions as a result. Its services are also its strong point: from the customization of products to the consultation and technical assistance before and after the sale, which is particularly important to Taumac. Currently, the company’s flagship machine is the “Taumark W10, an automatic laser marking and engraving machine.


Taumac S.r.l.
Via dell'Artigianato, 26 - 36060 Romano d'Ezzelino (VI) - Italy
tel. +39 0424 514571
info@taumac.com - www.taumac.com
T.Gold 2020 Hall 9 – 33 stand

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