The Capacity Doubles

Novagum: the rotary furnace evolution

Novagum will be presenting the world premiere of its brand new, double-deck, mold firing furnace with casting cylinder (flasks) summoning. The instrument has the same working area as other Novagum furnaces but a double loading capacity. It also features a non-deformable rotary table made of high-performance steel with easy height adjustment of the upper level, structure and panels made of the best materials, safe door with easy opening for the operator, completely renewed electronics and software, upgraded PLC with intuitive and fast touch screen interface, bidirectional Lan module with remote assistance, customizable colors to integrate the product into production lines, easy-to-reach heating elements for inspection purposes and all covered by an international warranty. The mechatronics enable the cylinder required to be “summoned” and found ready at the door without exposing the operator to unnecessary waiting time. Moreover, emissions are reduced thanks to the inclined collection surface that allows the wax to be recovered instead of burnt or polluting. And that's not all. Thanks to Novagum’s system for dewaxing cylinders, this furnace is the only one that can also be installed in urban areas.

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