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The Electric Ovens by La Microfusione 

 Thanks to the vast range of MG brand ovens, the Vicenza company stands out for its expertise and high-tech products

The Electric Ovens by La Microfusione 
MG, a brand owned by La Microfusione, is a dynamic and versatile company, founded on the high professionalism of those who work with enormous passion in the field of electric rotary furnaces for full optional and simple annealing cylinders, static electric furnaces for annealing cylinders, hardening furnaces and afterburners. Thanks to its lengthy experience, which has not only led it to manufacture increasingly sophisticated products, but also to study and propose a high level of customer service and machinery maintenance, the company, located in the heart of the Vicenza gold district, enjoys an excellent reputation not only on the Italian market, but also abroad.

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