The Future of Diamonds

Antonello Donini, CISGEM Gem Lab Manager talks to us about the key points of his seminar at JTF 2020: “Synthetic Diamonds: a future commercial problem?”

«It’s a delicate topic that is worrying a lot of people. For years, the CISGEM laboratory has been looking at this problem, obviously from an analytical and not com- mercial standpoint. We were probably the first laboratory in Italy, in 1986, to analyze the first synthetic diamond through a routine analysis. There are many problems with its identification, also in reference to national, European and international regulations and legislation. Market research forecasts continual growth in the production and distribution of this gemological material. Also due to a possible depletion of natural diamond resources and the push by environmentalists and famous stars who support the production and ethics of synthetic diamonds through their investments. I think that the industry will quickly find themselves facing an important choice, which will however be dictated and conveyed by public opinion: to defend the natural product or to embark on this new adventure, which may also be a success. Of course, those in sales must be confident in the product they are offering the public. Surely, great skill on the part of industry professionals is needed and an important spread of information so stores and shops are ready for all the gems available on the market, including synthetic diamonds. Yes, because synthetic diamonds represent just one of the problems in the industry, even if it is a worrisome one. What will happen in the future? We’ll need to wait a few years to see how the situation evolves. We must listen to new generations: they’ll choose whether they want a small part of the world, unique, one of a kind, rare and precious, like a diamond, or to have a (perhaps) more ethical and more “environmentally friendly” yet reproduceable and standardized product. Or to even simply have a product made or promoted by a famous star. Ambassadors, such as Lady Gaga, Penelope Cruz and Leonardo di Caprio have great influence over people, promoting and supporting this material. Indeed, if we look back through the years, for real diamonds, everything began with Marilyn Monroe ... and with the De Beers advertising campaign.»

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