The Italfimet Revolution

An innovative, electroforming process patent for chains

An innovative electroforming process for making pre-assembled chains: this “revolution” is the result of investments by Italfimet, a company based in Monte San Savino in the province of Arezzo, which has always been committed to researching and developing new solutions in the electroforming field. It has patented a cutting- edge machine for electroforming in gold on jewelry and accessories up to one and a half meters in length, thus increasing the efficiency and speed of production for companies operating in the fashion, jewelry and bijoux sectors. Electroforming was usually carried out on individual links that were then assembled at the end of the process. Now, the new treatment will process the chain directly in its entirety with significant benefits in terms of time, resources and quality of the finished product. Another important advantage is the uniformity of the metal deposition on every part of the product due to the use of the special RAEP® current rectifiers that, again patented by Italfimet, redistribute the current in the different areas of the frame. This combination of technologies guarantees uniform coating thickness, fewer product defects and higher aesthetic standards, as well as less metal dispersion and consequently lower production costs. Chain electroforming confirms Italfimet’s role as an international reference point for innovation in the various components of the galvanic process, which includes plant engineering, chemistry and electronics. All done with know-how, skill and inventiveness to meet the needs of companies and the challenges of the market.

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