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The Main Objective? To Operate Cohesively

Gianluigi Barettoni, President of Afemo, outlines the situation of a positive economic result for 2018 and excellent prospects for 2019

What kind of year was 2018? 2018 was a substantially positive year in which the markets responded well to the investments we are constantly making. China began to take shape as a market and we too, as technology producers, positioned ourselves correctly. We found the domestic market to be more positive, even if only slightly. In regards to foreign markets, however, Turkey, USA, India and Indonesia confirmed their extremely fundamental role. 

What were the e ects of the agreement with the Chinese group GAC? 2018 was a year of great changes. For quite a while now we have been aware of not taking advantage of the full potential of the group, which represents a small, yet internationally recognized market. The idea was sparked by the knowledge of having to organize (in the positive sense of the word) all the economies of scale that our group could generate seeing that, among other things, we operate cohesively and in coordination on certain operational marketing activities. We equipped ourselves with a Director, Massimiliano Malgioglio, who has acquainted himself well with our organization, and, as of 2019, he will start with all the activities that, once deliberated by our Board of Directors, will decree the actions and the most suitable areas in which to generate economies for our Associates. But the greatest point of satisfaction was completing the IBC project. If it is true, as it seems to be, that China is an essential market, this project could be at the centre of our internationalization activities for the next ve years. There are two basic objectives: exporting our products in a free-tax area in China; the development of commercial activities in China. 

What do Italian companies have to do to be competitive? I believe that Companies need to aim at two focal points: technological innovation and human resources. In our sector, continual research is the fundamental core of our activity and it should always be pursued by paying particular attention to the customers’ needs because it is the customers who are always on top of the end-users’ tastes. We must provide them with the most suitable technologies to respond to these continuous changes, maintaining an excellent ratio between production costs and bene ts. As for human resources, modern and dynamic companies have now understood that the human factor is worth more than anything else. Many Afemo associates are considered as top market leaders and in many cases, the same experts have been working in these companies for years, proving that they feel part of a process that sees them as key players in the brand’s success. 

What gives Italian companies that extra something? The reliability of Italian manufacturing technology is the factor for which we are famous, but it is not enough. Providing a high level after-sales service is just as important and also in this case, we can say that we set an example on a worldwide scale. Moreover, we train the technicians who will be operating our machinery and all of this gives our customers extra and valuable assurance. Italy is still a status symbol in everything, from fashion to jewelry, from cars to agrofood products, and the list includes our technologies. In our sector, we are considered at the absolute top and the results in terms of exports are the proof. In terms of turnover, an average of more than 80% is generated from foreign sales. 

What does T.Gold mean to you? Forecasts for 2019? T.Gold is our home. It is the only trade show event where producers take the very best of innova- tion and new ideas. The Show has grown thanks to us and we have grown thanks to T.Gold. We have historically been partners in selecting markets/buyers and exhibitors. And, in a view towards con- stant growth, with Italian Exhibition Group we are planning new exhibition areas that will be available after the renovation.

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