The Making of Nutec Lab

Nutec International’s innovative design and technology incubator, where it is now possible to test the electroforming performance of Auroform Monolith, has arrived

A five-hundred-hour time lapse in 50 days of filming. That was how long it took to create Nutec Lab, the innovative design and technology incubator where it is finally possible to test the extraordinary productive capacity of Auroform Monolith, the world’s most advanced electroforming system. A four-hundred square meter area in which 4 expert installation specialists, 2 designers, 2 process engineers and 10 suppliers and technical partners have set up 11 machines and systems. A world-class technological center that is the result of thirty years’ experience and more than thirty tons of electroformed gold jewelry ‘inherited’ from companies and technical experts with much more than consolidated success stories that, together, established Nutec International in 2014. Auroform Monolith is able to provide extreme precision, guaranteeing a production capacity of up to 2.5 kg of electroformed jewelry a day. Creativity has never been within such easy reach as in Nutec Lab.


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