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In search of gold and precious metals with LaFonte

LaFonte has been producing systems for handling, filtering and purifying liquids since 1975 and, for the last decade, also for recovering precious and non-precious metals. The company, based in Vedano Olona in the province of Varese, has three product ranges: UNDERSINK, MFR and REM. The first of these has become a must-have due to its low cost, structural solidity, user-friendliness and efficiency. It now comes in an automatic version: once positioned under the sink, the liquid is filtered by gravity into a collection tank and then into one or two filtering chambers where it is pumped by two rod sensors that guarantee correct work on the volume. The chambers can be equipped with different filtering elements according to the customer's needs with up to 99.9% recovery. On the other hand, UNDERSINK in the Combo version is an independent station complete with sink, anti-drip system and faucets, all strictly made in Italy.

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