The Revolutionary Photo Sphere

360° still life jewelry, videos and animations in just a few minutes. An all-in-one solution of Alo brand, made by Doma Automation in Arezzo

It is called Photo Sphere and is a revolutionary and sophisticated machine made by Doma Automation in Arezzo, which allows users to visualize and photograph jewels 360°. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, this innovative light box allows you to take still-lifes in 10 seconds, videos in 20 seconds, and animations and 3D renderings in just a few minutes. It guarantees high-level photographic results, captures the design of the jewel in just the right light, and allows the customer to truly  “experience” the piece in all of its facets. With a sphere that rotates 360°, the ability to frame multidimensional images, and Led light panels, it is a revolutionary all-in-one solution.

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