The Value of Micro Design

The Pico Laser hallmarker, a new entry at Orotig

Orotig will be presenting its new Pico Laser, an innovative and unique hallmarking laser for the jewelry sector. Pico Laser is a source that generates a very short laser pulse of somewhere around a picosecond (from 1 to 3 ps) and the lens focuses the beam coming from the module to obtain a spot that is slightly smaller than 0.03mm. Pico Laser is therefore able to engrave extremely small designs (less than 0.03 mm) and, above all, to hallmark precious metals without having to rework them and with no need of sanding. Already finished/rhodium-plated/polished parts can therefore be engraved, skipping the sanding step, saving time and limiting the loss of precious material during the hallmarking process.

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